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straight nude bodybuldermen in locker room lathering up and rinsing off

straight nude bodybuldermen in locker room lathering up and rinsing off

older bodybuilder men working out and coolingoff in shower after heavy lifting

older bodybuilder men working out and coolingoff in shower after heavy lifting

real life military guys rinsing off in baracks after jogging and toweling down hotbods

real life military guys rinsing off in baracks after jogging and toweling down hotbods

young bbtwinks with errect cocks stroking in bath-rooms and urinals

young bbtwinks with errect cocks stroking in bath-rooms and urinals

soapy bubbles and drenched hairy bodys with wornout cocks from heavyduty strokin

soapy bubbles and drenched hairy bodys with wornout cocks from heavyduty strokin

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# Boomerflex - Bicep flexing by female bodybuilders, fitness, figure, gymnasts, athletes, dancers, girls next door. If they flex their muscles and biceps, they are Boomerflex material.
# - Photo and video galleries of women, from fitness models to Amazons.
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# Classic Bodybuilders of the Golden Era - Hundreds of photos of your favorite bodybuilders from back in the day.
# Deusas Musculosas - The text may be Portuguese but photos are a universal language. Female gallery.
# Diana the Valkyrie - This is the premier portal site for people interested in female bodybuilding, fitness and combat.
# Bill Dobbins - Writer, photographer, and author of The Women : Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders (available in the WeightsNet Store).
# DTV Cam - Live muscle webcams.
# Ebony Muscle - The best photo collection of beautiful and sensual black female bodybuilders and fitness models on the Internet today.
# Erotic Female Bodybuilders - Our Mission Is to become a leading provider of amateur erotica featuring Professional and Amateur female bodybuilders
# European Female Body - French women fitness, bodyfitness, bodybuilding.
# European Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes Galleries - Lots and lots of pictures.
# Extreme Female Body Parts Gallery - Please join the Free Photo-Club to share photos of Extreme Female Body Parts with bulging veins and super muscular extremities.
# Female Muscle - We are the web's biggest FBB site created with the highest quality images and photographs of strong and sensual female bodybuilders, wrestlers, and fitness competitors in the world.
# Female Muscle Lover Page - Quality picture galleries of female bodybuilders.
# The Female Physique Art Gallery - Fine art color and B/W nude figure studies, exotic pictorial features by leading female physique photographer Bill Dobbins. Gallery and museum quality photographic art.
# Femflex - Thousands of high-res pictures and hundreds of video clips available inside the members section.
# Fitness 2000 - Featuring pictures of muscular female ARMS.
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# FreakinHUGE - Over 1200 morphed images, humorous stories, and animation. Obscure bodybuilding links too. Updated bimonthly.
# FTWebcam - Chat via webcam with muscular women.
# The Galleries of Muscle Goddesses
# The Gallery of Muscle Goddesses
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# Her Flex Appeal - Erotic female muscle.
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# HerBiceps - When you join HerBiceps you gain access to over 31,000 pictures and 2800+ video clips. You also get to see exclusive herbiceps events such as armwrestling tournaments and expo coverage.
# I Love Muscle - Pictures and videos of massively built male bodybuilders. Updated every day.
# Impact Photography - Photography for athletes and bodybuilders needing images for their professional composites, zed cards and portfolios. The company specializes in photographing natural bodybuilders and uses mainly b/w images.
# Jeff Frank Photography - Photos from many competitions available for sale here.
# Lindas Gatas Musculosas - The text may be Portuguese but photos are a universal language. Female gallery.
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# MuscleFX - Dedicated to presenting quality photographs, and images of professional and amateur bodybuilders.  Our galleries are updated on a regular basis and will only ever grow.  We will cover future, current and past bodybuilding personalities.
# Musclegirl's Homepage - Female Muscle website featuring Top female bodybuilders
around the world!
# - A collection of bodybuilding photographs taken by Richard Goodman of both pros and amateurs. A good place to see a growing collection of Northern California amateurs. Site also contains medical research reports and summaries of interest to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.
# MuscleWeb - MuscleWeb is a collection of fitness and bodybuilding videos and photography. Bodybuilding, hardcore training, nutrition and lifestyle videos and photos of some of the most appealing bodybuilders around.
# Muscular Sensations - This Website is devoted to the women who work endlessly to create a supreme physique. We are professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Beautiful, shapely and toned muscular women. What more could one ask for?
# MxMen - Men to the max.
# Sergio Oliva - The Myth, as he is known, is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He beat Arnold at the Olympia and once won the Olympia unopposed.
# The Photo Issue - Photo galleries of Canadian bodybuilding events.
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# - Very buff men. Very gay site.
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# Unbelievable - Brazilian site.
# WeightsNet Fitness Gallery Links
# Wide World of Muscle Galleries
# World of Muscle - Dedicated to female bodybuilding and fitness.
# Y2K Women: Un Tributo a la Mujer Fisicoculturista - First 100% Mexican Site dedicated to display pictures of sexy female bodybuilders from all the world and give exposure to Latin American Female Bodybuilders.
# Zach Taylor: The Full Body Photographer - Bodybuilding photographer including fitness, martial arts, glamour, and E.A.S

Women and Steroid Blues
by Elzi Volk

History of the Mr. Olympia


Women on Steroids

The 1980 Ms. Olympia Contest Report: Birth of a Tradition
by Bill Dobbin

Bodybuilding and Training Information

Let's Ban Those Who Don't Use Drugs
by Sidney Gendin


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* Al'Q Gurley
* Lee Haney
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* Don Long
* J. J. Marsh
* Mike Matarazzo
* Stan McCrary
* Johnnie Morant
* 'Mr. Peka'
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* John Simmons
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* Johnny Aliotti
* Marc Anthony
* Michael Avanessian
* Kim Behravesn
* Terry Benton
* Kent Bishop
* Ed Brown
* Zach Brown
* David Bryant
* Leaster Busby
* Dave Camacho
* Harold Cherry
* Glaver Cifuentes
* J. R. Clark
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* Howard Devore
* Osric Dixon
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* Antony Eddings
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* Edward Garcia
* Russell Greene
* Virgil Hall
* B. J. Harrison
* Neff Haskell
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* Ellis King
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* Darryl Poindexter (Second Collection)
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* Greg Ward
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